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Project: EXPOSÉ 12

EXPOSÉ 12 – available to order now

We are rebooting our book business with EXPOSÉ 12 – with your help we will go Ballistic again! We started as a crowd funded company long before the term “crowd funding” was invented. Over the years, we grew into a full-fledged publishing company with global distribution into book shops all over the world – and it wasn’t profitable. So now we are going back to our roots. From now on Ballistic books and other new products will be created and sold only by pre-sales campaign.

Please join us in propelling Ballistic and all the digital artists who participate to even greater heights – order your book now.

The only way to get a book is to order it here and now. Once the campaign is over and we start shipping books there will be no way to order more.

Improvements – 34 categories and a new Modern Master Award

You all asked us to reveal who got into the book before ordering. We are relaunching this campaign now with full book layout in hand.

When we went to sort through the almost 8,000 entries we realized that we had to address the problem of too few image categories.

After a huge effort from a great team of people we re-categorized, sorted, selected and judged images into 34 new categories. With the expanded list of categories, we can more fairly allocate awards, nominations and page space to the vast collection of awesome images we received.

In addition to the 34 new categories we have selected one artist to receive the first Modern Master award. This will replace the Grand Master award this year.

Pre-sale campaign – nothing like Kickstarter or indiegogo

Our campaigns are nothing like the risky campaigns associated with Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other similar sites. Ballistic is the creator and world leader in the digital art book market with well over 50 books published and sold globally. There is no risk or need for us to run a campaign to develop an unknown product. Our campaigns start with finished products which need to be pre-sold to a minimum level to make printing viable.

We do need to reach a minimum target, usually 2,000. This is the lowest number we can efficiently print, package and ship. Once we reach this volume target we keep the campaign open for just another 30 days to let everyone get their orders in. Then we go to press and ship the books as quickly as possible.

We will not print extra books to sell through distribution and bookshops. If you don’t get your order in during the pre-sale campaign you will miss out.

All the money we collect for pre-sale is held in trust until the campaign reaches its target. If for any reason a campaign is closed before it reaches its target, all pre-sales will be refunded in full.

Previous editions of our books have sold many thousands more than our current target of 2,000.

Affordable shipping!

Ballistic Media has over 13 years of experience shipping books all over the world. We have shipped many 10's of thousands of books to over 170 countries. We know from experience just how hard it is to package and ship books. After drying at the printers our books are shrink-wrapped and packed in special mailing cartons we have designed. With only direct sales we can offer unbeatable price as well as quality.

Shipping to anywhere in the world is one flat rate -- $15 per book

Publishing Information

Title: EXPOSÉ 12 – Finest digital art in the known universe
Publisher: Ballistic Media Pty Ltd
Formats: Hard Cover, Leather bound limited edition and eBook
Number of pages: 288

Expose 12 Hard CoverISBN: 978-1-921002-98-4
Expose 12 Leather limited EditionISBN: 978-1-921002-99-1
Expose 12 Extended eBook_1ISBN: 978-1-921828-00-3

When will my book ship?

As soon as the campaign closes we will finalize the book and get it to press as quickly as possible. Your book will be shrink-wrapped and mailed out in our mailing carton as soon as possible after printing. From our experience, it takes 8 – 12 weeks on average from printing to people receiving their books. Orders originating from USA will be sent from our Los Angeles warehouse and those orders from the rest of the world, including Canada, will be sent from our warehouse in Horsham, Victoria. Australia.

New to Ballistic and EXPOSÉ – celebrating EXPOSÉ all around the world.

EXPOSÉ is the first and premiere showcase for digital art and artists. Every year EXPOSÉ features the best digital art in the known universe. Since it launched in 2003 EXPOSÉ has been a global sensation… just take a look at these artists from previous editions celebrating EXPOSÉ all around the world.

See previews of the previous editions:

To learn more about Ballistic Publishing's history and other books visit Ballistic Publishing.

eBooks and Membership

With the re-launch of Ballistic we are excited to bring a whole range of new products and benefits...

EXTENDED editions are eBook extensions to the printed books. Every year we get 8,000 or so entries but we only have room for about 360 images in the books. With EXPOSÉ 12 we will bring out an extended edition as an eBook in the first quarter after the print book ships. It will feature lots of additional images and information in a similar format as the print book.

MEMBERSHIP includes a year's exclusive access to artists, judges and other industry leaders via a series of monthly webinars through the year. Membership will also give you access and discounts for the growing range of EXPOSÉ products being released over the next 12 months.

Project Team

Ballistic Publishing is headed up by the same people that started the company over 12 years ago. We are also lucky to have most of our team still with us. Together the team has many decades of combined Publishing experience.

  • Mark Snoswell

    Dr Mark Snoswell is Founder of Ballistic Publishing. He is our Publisher & Art Director. Mark is the visionary who started it all and continues to steer the company into the future. Mark was also the founder and president of the cgSociety until 2014.

  • Garth Hammet

    Garth Hammet is Co-Founder. He is joint Publisher and CEO, responsible for all the administrative, financial and logistic needs of the company.

  • Ben Dry

    Ben Dry is Ballistic Publishings IT Guru and has set up our CGStarter site. He is our “Chief Engineer” in the boiler room of IT.

  • Monique

    Monique is Ballistic Publishings Graphic Designer and is responsible for putting the books together and the quality of our end product at the printing presses.

  • Anne Pogoda

    Anne Pogoda is a renowned digital artist who is currently working in the gaming industry and has a great insight into the digital arts industry. Anne has been working with Ballistic for many years, for instance on D'artiste Character Design, and is now an integral part of the team. --

  • Mike Hepburn

    Mike Hepburn is Ballistic Publishing’s Web Designer. Mike was one of Ballistic first team members and has crafted for many years.

Nominations and Awards

Friday 10th March 2017

We are pleased to release the full list of all nominations for awards in all categories.

Nominations appear in random order and there is no implication of ranking

All nominated images will appear in the printed book editions.
We will be releasing the list of additional images that made it into print shortly.

Live streamed awards ceremony

There are one Master and one or more Excellence awards in each category. For the first time this year there will also be a Modern Master award.
The awards ceremony will be live-streamed over the web on Saturday 15th April at 4 pm GMT.
This time has been chosen to give the greatest ease of access to the nominated artists from all over the world.
There are 367 nominated images in 34 categories by 270 artists from 57 countries.

Awards video

Architecture Exterior
Architecture Interior
Environment natural
Epic Scapes
Fantasy Creatures
Fantasy Dark
Fantasy Femmes
Fantasy Heroines
Manga Girls
Portrait Painted
Portrait Rendered
SciFi Landscapes
SciFi Ships
SciFi Cityscapes
Still Life
Earth creatures

Nominations for Action

Uncharted 3 Tribute . Cyril Terpent, France

Save Dan. Jude Smith, Canada

Don Kichot. Mateusz Lenart, Poland

Industrial Racing. Jan Van De Klooster, France

The Song. Vadim Gousmanov, Russia

Nominations for Architecture Exterior

House O - Jun Igarashi Architects - Day. Marcin Jastrzebski, Poland

Scifi Meets Earth. Michael Khoo Of Plus Architecture, Australia

Granito Villa, Hollywood Hills.. Nguyễn Thành Vích, Vietnam

Granito Villa 02, Hollywood Hills.. Nguyễn Thành Vích, Vietnam

Granito Villa, Hollywood Hills.. Nguyễn Thành Vích, Vietnam

Darling Exchange. Daniel Flood & Mat Adams Of Floodslicer , Australia

Luxury Waterfront Home 04. Tangram3Ds, Usa

Australian Life Birdseye. Ronny Mähl, Germany

Brasil Tower. Juan Altieri - A2T, Uruguay

Nominations for Architecture Interior

Loft 69. Peter Ang, Australia

The Tall, The Small & Her Dog.. Tamas Medve, Norway

Analog Folk London. Deniz Atli, Turkey

Phtaal Corp. Jean-Marc Emy, France

Tropical Bathroom. Rodrigo Leite, Australia

Exotic: Living Room. Black Box, Portugal

History. Nguyễn Thành Vích, Vietnam

Nominations for Caricatures

Jeremy "Borgia" Irons Caricature. Khasis Lieb, France

Beastie Boys. Lee Davies, Null

Harley Quinn & Joker. Filipe Laurentino, Brazil

Tom Hanks Caricature. Olle Magnusson, Sweden

Ron Swanson Caricature. Olle Magnusson, Sweden

Nominations for Cartoons

Tatu. Antonio Medeiros, Brazil

The Crew. Emanuel Dume, Usa

My Log Cabin Lake . Olivier Derouetteau, France

Sclavenian Warriors. Andrei Pervukhin, Russia

Use And Become A Fan - Bulls. Fescher Neoilustração, Brazil

Freya Cirruström. Michael Dashow, Usa

Little Batman. Quentin Chaillet, France

Nominations for Cyborgs

Rebel. Alexey Vasilyev, Canada

Cr-2 Pilot Design. Sven Rabe, Germany

Specialist. Mack Sztaba, Canada

Nafaya'S Workshop. Bidda Camilla Solvang Poulsen, Denmark

Indarapatra. James N. Simmons, Usa

Decaying Android. David Kim, Canada

Fallen. David Kim, Canada

Broaken. Nebojsa Kojovic, Serbia

Nominations for Environment

A Day With Summer. Peter Ang, Australia

The Warehouse. Helio Laurentino Frazao, Portugal

Master Of Tortoises. Taha Alkan, Usa

Boston, September The 2Nd, 1930. Miskatonic Expedition.. Guillem H. Pongiluppi, Spain

Village In Town. Somnath Patra, India

Dawn. Pablo Palomeque, Argentina

Abandoned Train Station. Romain Lavoine, Canada

Gas Station. Alexandra Roslik, Belarus

Nominations for Environment Natural

Greenery-Environment. Ashok Kumar Dass, India

Ruins. Ramón Tuero, Switzerland

Barcelona Aftermath: Estació De França. Guillem H. Pongiluppi, Spain

Fishing Port. Stephane Wootha Richard, France

Stream Rain-Forest Dubai. Karim, Egypt

Autumn At Relay Outpost 17. Marek Denko, Slovakia

Nominations for Epic Scapes

The Life Of A Pirate. Aritra Dey, India

Torrent Of Gelion. Ferdinand D. Ladera, Philippines

Winter. Joey Desrosiers, Canada

Mirage. Thomas Dubois, France

Alien Cloudscape. Bryan Sola, Philippines

Elven Falls. Dave Tipper, New Zealand

Desert Ruins. Pablo Palomeque, Argentina

Love O2O Wild. Sheh Ming Yee, Taiwan

Nominations for Fantasy

The Flight. Kseniya Lvova, Russia

Vampire Sniper. Laurent Pierlot, Usa

Wolves Of The North. Cristi Balanescu, Netherlands

The Intern. Cover Art For The Novel By Garry Ocean.. Ldarro Eldar Zakirov, Uzbekistan

Nightwall' Waternymphs. Max Schulz, Germany

Robot. Keri Ruediger, Usa

Giants Graveyard. Ørjan Ruttenborg Svendsen, Norway

Golden Hour. Pontus Ullbors, Sweden

The Morrigan. Samuel Araya, Paraguay

Still The Bridge Is Enflamed With Fire.. Samuel Araya, Paraguay

Scavenger Imps. Alexandru Negoita, Romania

Two Travellers. Claude Cachin, France

Sacred Grounds . Joycelyn Ong Jia Yi , Singapore

Did You Know The Stones Can Sing?. Alina Ivanchenko, Canada

Nominations for Fantasy Creatures

Sacrifice. Mateusz Lenart, Poland

The Familiar. Roberto Ribeiro Padula, Brazil

Alabaster. Roberto Ribeiro Padula, Brazil

Rocky. Roberto Ribeiro Padula, Brazil

Birdcage. Vadim Sverdlov, Israel

3 Golem Elements. Jenny Lim Hui Lin, Malaysia

Drifting Echoes In The Desert Of Unrest. Leesha Hannigan, Australia

Sunbathing Dragon. James Wolf Strehle, Usa

Nominations for Fantasy Dark

Ostium Inferus. Bastien Grivet, France

Voodoo Altar - When Love And Hate Collide. David Puertas Martín, Spain

Rejected. Alexey Egorov, Russia

Creatures In The Dark. Guillem H. Pongiluppi, Spain

Death. Te Hu, Usa

Until The End Of The World..... Ted Hammond, Canada

Deerslayer. Alexey Egorov, Russia

Ward Away. Noely Ryan, Ireland

Grim. Ursula Dorada, Brazil

One Sided Lullaby. Pruch Sintunava, Thailand

Death. David Seidman, Usa

Famine. David Seidman, Usa

Nominations for Fantasy Femmes

Shiro. Ignacio Fernández Ríos, Spain

Letty Beth Moore. Denis Ulyanov, Russia

Golden Rapier. Alcione Silva, Brazil

Girl Model. Claudius Dsouza, Singapore

Colourfall. Renée Chio O'Shea, Mexico

Guilty By Design. Renee Chio O'Shea, Mexico

Null. Alexander Cutri, Usa

Babes Ii - Wasteland Maelee. Giorgio Baroni, Italy

Pink Girl. Tom Bernardes, Brazil

Warrior. Williem Mcwhorter, Usa

Eve Of Lust. Christian Angel Gonzalez, Usa

Nominations for Fantasy Heroines

Reward. Andrey Vasilchenko, Russia

Jate. Krasnoshchekova Darya, Belarus

A New Dawn. Fabricio Moraes, Brazil

Reptile Queen. Alexey Kashpersky, Ukraine

Mage Of Roses.. Emily Chen, Usa

Sky Keepers. Rodrigo Ramos, Brazil

Untitled Project. Tiago Da Silva, Portugal

Rubinia - Elven Archer. Max Schulz, Germany

Bal Masqué. Marcela Bolívar, Colombia

Loveless. Marcela Bolívar, Colombia

Wisdom'S Wing. Elizabeth Leggett, Usa

Death Lillies. Karoly Botond Harko, Spain

Sting. Alexandru Negoita, Romania

Jedi. Shermen Chu Seok Boon, Malaysia

Sialia. Mina M, France

The Witnesses. David Seidman, Usa

Amazon. Pablo Fernandez Angulo, Spain

Doomed. Stefanie Odendahl, Germany

House Bonisagus Magus. Gabriel Bulik, France

Viktoria. Eve Ventrue, Switzerland

Nominations for Humorous

Sacrifice. Laurent Pierlot, Usa

Hungry Viking. Ali Jalali, Iran

I Used To Be A Movie Star. Arya Sadat-Sowti, France

Meal On Board! . Jose Augusto Rodriguez Sepulveda, Spain

Rhinocorn Ride. Filipe Laurentino, Brazil

Llamaaaaaaa. Paul Kolvenbach, Germany

Respect - Fish. Fescher Neoilustração, Brazil

No Parking!. Irina Kovalova, United Kingdom

Meal Time. Mahmoud Atashi Bonab, Iran

Karate Bug. Mariana Valente, Brazil

Hello There!. Agata Czerw, Poland

Nominations for Illustration

Serve In Silence. Peter Ang, Australia

Atalanta. Arthur Bozonnet, France

Satomi. Maika Sozo, Usa

The Mermaids And The Pirate Treasure. Janaina Medeiros, Brazil

Mistress Of Summer. Ingrid Camille Tan, Philippines

Puteri 2016. Ivan Tao, Malaysia

Pray No.3. Te Hu, Usa

Lady Pirate. Pablo Garcia Tomas, Spain

Black Mamba. Joseph Descallar, Usa

A Shine For A Banana. Whiley Dunsmore, France

The Beautiful Wife Pinup. Diego Rodriguez, Mexico

Little Red Riding Hood. Alena Demicheva, Belarus

Kitsune. Christina Hess, Usa

Amanda Palmer - Six Of Wands. Christina Hess, Usa

Nominations for Manga girls

Crimson Stillness. Carlos Ortega Elizalde, Mexico

Shaman. Alina Ivanchenko, Canada

Stardust. Carlos Ortega Elizalde, Mexico

Bird Set Free. Jason Knight, Usa

Sloth. Daniela Uhlig, Germany

The Jungle Queen. Etienne Hebinger, France

Mondays. Benjamin Schulz, Germany

Medieval Standoff. Benjamin Schulz, Germany

Inked By The Beast. Joel Santana, Usa

Sea Queen. Carlos Ortega Elizalde, Mexico

Nominations for Modelling

Farewell. Ali Jalali, Iran

Bernini Sculpture - New Materials And Relight. Sam King, South Africa

Anatomy-Sitting Male. Daniel Midholt, Sweden

Orc Warrior. Rohit Singh, India

Dino+2.0. Victoria Passariello, Spain

Lady In The Wind. Jeen Lih Lun, Canada

Vigilante. Jin Hao Villa, Philippines

Shaman Bust. Alina Ivanchenko, Canada

Nominations for Portrait Painted

Girl Study. Krisztian Tejfel, Hungary

Yudaina. Anne Terkelsen, Uk

Kevin Wellborn. The Character From The Story Nexus By Neopaladinoflight . Eldar Zakirov, Uzbekistan

Freckles. Daniela Uhlig, Germany

Snow White. Abeer Malik, India

Tom Hardy. Masoume Rezaei, Iran

Mom'S Love. Pham Duc Duy, Vietnam

King Salman. Pavel Sokov, Canada

The Armchair. Benjamin Davis, Usa

Variations Ii. Ivana Besevic Studio, France

Variations I. Ivana Besevic Studio, France

Life Like Summer Flowers. Fenghe, China

Lemon Chiffon. Patricia Smith, Usa

Nominations for Portrait Rendered

Dead Line. Eugene Cheong, China

Capuchin Thug. Seid Tursic, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Sight Of Street. Lele Chen , China

Self-Portrait. Ian Spriggs, Canada

Georges Henri De La Poudrière. Bihorel Jean-Michel, France

Portrait Of Richard Spriggs. Ian Spriggs, Canada

Portrait Of Geoffrey Spriggs. Ian Spriggs, Canada

Black Man Portrait. Rico Cilliers, South Africa

Null. Masoume Rezaei, Null

Sarah. Adam Potter, Australia

The Australian. Pablo Muñoz Gómez, Australia

The Jarl Of Winter. Pablo Muñoz Gómez, Australia

Nominations for Robots

Crazy. David Domingo Jimenez, Spain

Fenrir, The Beast. Wing Wai Sze, Usa

Crosswalk. Thomas Dubois, France

Iamag Mecha. Vincent Lefevre, France

Eva Chilling. Juan Martin Miyagi, Argentina

Red Mech. Stefan Morrell, New Zealand

Ready For War. Joseph Diaz, Spain

Committing To Death. Joseph Diaz, Spain

Abaddon: Sirra And Rez. Marthe Jonkers, Japan

Police Officer 3017. Adrien Wira, France

Extraordinary Adventures Of Robbie And Boxie. Yigit Koroglu, Turkey

Nominations for SciFi Landscapes

New Earth Vista. Sung Choi, Usa

The Maze. Jessica Rossier, France

Pillars. Maurin Jonathan, France

Savannah. Christian Dimitrov, Bulgaria

Exterus. Kentaro Kanamoto, Usa

Recollection. Kentaro Kanamoto, Usa

Desert City. Daniel Dociu, Usa

Reconstruction . Daniel Dociu, Usa

Bloodrock Beach. Kirsten Zirngibl, Usa

Safehouse!. Ayan Nag, India

Nominations for SciFi

Xna Sentry. Andrei Cristea, Iceland

Null. Marek Denko, Czech Republic

A Rainy Day. Apple Qingyang Zhang, Usa

Sphere. Anton Podvalny, Ukraine

Alien Invasion Chinatown. Vincenzo Barkasy, Usa

Undermarket. Carlos Núñez De Castro Torres, Spain

Space Suit. Leonardo Peralta, Argentina

Project ???? Solar Bang. Sheh Ming-Yee, Taiwan

Astro Chimp. Tomas Kral, Czech Republic

The Invasion. Luciano Neves, Brazil

Mars 2077. Tiago Da Silva, Portugal

Adaptation. Luciano Neves, Brazil

Skyscraper Delivery. Tony Weinstock, Usa

Genesis. Darien Liddell, New Zealand

Heavy Artillery. Vadim Sverdlov, Israel

Nominations for SciFi Ships

Flying Over The Volcano. Seokin Chung, Usa

Free Floaters. Mikko Kautto, Finland

Colony Oo. J. Otto Szatmari, Hungary

Freighter ("Dreadnought" Project By Yager). Concept Artist Yuriy Mazurkin, Art Director Mathias Wiese. Yuriy Mazurkin, Germany

The Governor. Vincenzo Barkasy, Usa

Time-Space Traveller. Joseph Diaz, Spain

Floatting Brhum. Morgan Prost, France

Leviathan (The Expanse Series) Book Cover. Daniel Dociu, Usa

Nominations for SciFi Cityscapes

Escape. Christian 'Tigaer' Hecker, Germany

The Eternals. Christian 'Tigaer' Hecker, Germany

Arrival Ii. Mike Reid, Usa

Barcelona Smoke & Neons: The End. Guillem H. Pongiluppi, Spain

3D Landscape 1/4. Jan Urschel, Singapore

Future City 2130. Scott Richard, Usa

Future City 7 . Scott Richard, Usa

Aenigma - Jonada Has You. Derek Weselake, Canada

Future City 2. Pablo Palomeque, Argentina

Levels City. Pablo Palomeque, Argentina

Type One (2095). Dusty Crosley, Usa

Nominations for Steampunk

Silence Please - Steampunk Fairy. David Puertas Martín, Spain

Maschinen Project 04. Ignacio Fernández Ríos, France

Can'T Reach My Soul. Stephanie Shimerdla, Usa

Afternoon Coffee. Patricia Smith, Usa

Age Of Vultures. Toni Bratincevic, Usa

Steampunk Dark Knight. Cliff Cramp , Usa

Post Apocalyptic Ronin. Giorgio Baroni, Italy

Mechanical Silence. Kazuhiko Nakamura, Japan

Book Cover For "The Reluctant Chrononaut" By Lindsay Petersen. Bogdan Maksimovic - Bo Mak, Serbia

The Light Harvest. Ona Loots, South Africa

Steampunk Minion. Dmitriy Ten, Australia

Herr Kloss. Cliff Cramp , Usa

Victoria. Lamin Martin, Canada

Captain Ahab. Josh Guglielmo, Usa

Nominations for Still Life

Null. Marek Denko, Czech Republic

Ice Cream Cake. Lukas Sztukowski, Poland

Far Far Away. Peter Nowacki, Poland

Venus De Milo. Grigoryev Stanislav, +7(495)9167588688

Cake Please. Peter Ang, Australia

Null. Deniz Atli, Null

Che. Grant Warwick, Australia

Christmas Table. Maciej Mackiewicz, Poland

Digital Cheese Board. Bertrand Benoit, Germany

Raw Render. Bertrand Benoit, Germany

Pueblo Serenity. Evan Michalski, Usa

The Gumball Machine. Paul H. Paulino, Canada

Nominations for Storytelling

The+Encounter. Fabricio Moraes, Brazil

For All I Have Done. Noah Bradley, Usa

Autumn. Bastien Grivet, France

Fishing Dreams. Davide Tosello, Italy

Goblin Charge. Chuck Grieb, Usa

Home Is.... Vadim Sverdlov, Israel

Fishing With Frog. Maxime Girault, France

Apocalina. Kiri Østergaard Leonard, Usa

Final Message. Ryan Etter, Usa

Nominations for Streetscapes

Slumscraper. Duc Truong Huyen, Vietnam

Kowloon Alley. Linden Stirk, Usa

Budapest+Wasteland. Zsolt Farkas, Hungary

City Of Newcrest. Fournier Aurélien, France

Rue. Rogeat Yannick, France

Amsterdam 1910. Kristina Gehrmann, Germany

Pulsesetter. David Benzal, Spain

Future Tokyo Street. Jan Urschel, Singapore

Creative Building Contest. Davide Weber, Italy

Dam Market. Horia Dociu, Usa

Neo-Sparta. Somnath Patra, India

The Docks. Dave Tipper, New Zealand

City Alley. Ricean Vlad, Romania

Hdg Noodles. Conor Smith, Uk

Dieselpunk City. Nagy Norbert, Romania

Nominations for Surreal

The Kite Runner. Razvan Dumitru, Romania

Flower Figures N°01. Bihorel Jean-Michel, France

Microcosm Ii. Krisztian Tejfel, Hungary

Fish. Sergey Biryukov, Ukraine

Territory War. Alexey Egorov, Russia

Night Befor The Revolution. Santosh Suryawanshi, India

Encounter. Antanas Gudonis, Finland

Exploration. Antanas Gudonis, Finland

Arrival. Antanas Gudonis, Finland

In The Company Of Kings. Catherine Swenson, Australia

Any Port In A Storm. Cynthia Decker, Usa

My Fascinating Friends. Catherine Swenson, Australia

Nominations for Earth Creatures

Gorilla In Mountains. Jiri Adamec, Czech Republic

Tiger Lily. Jerry Lofaro, Usa

Rhinoceros Unicornis. Jerry Lofaro, Usa

Koi Fish Pond. Antonis Fylladitis, Greece

A Tale Of Crows And Foxes. Marie Beschorner, Germany

In The Heart Of The Woods. Marie Beschorner, Germany

And The Night Was For Him. Leesha Hannigan, Australia

Ammonite 2C Pectinatites. Anthony Roberts, Uk

Nominations for Transport

F1 Toyota 2003. Cédric Vermeirre, Belgium

Hay Tractor. Dmitriy Glazyrin, Australia

Pavithra. Prabath Wijayantha, Sri Lanka

Hemtt - M1075. Gurmukh Bhasin, Usa

Weathered Kapitan. Nail Khusnutdinov, Russia

The Old Biplane. Helio Laurentino Frazao, Portugal

Pontiac+Chieftan. Khusnutdinov Nail, Russia

Desert Outpost. Giorgio Baroni, Italy

Emoticon Unit. Hew Yin Teck, China

Fuel Stop. Shihar Harishchandra, Germany

Ferrari Gto 1984. Arthur Carvalho Vieira, Brazil

Retro Car. Maria Baranovych, Ukraine

Mephisto – The Flying Beast. Nitin Khosa, Switzerland

Somewhere In Russia.... Vadim Gousmanov, Russia

Bike Rack. Cynthia Decker, Usa

Mobulosa. Adán Flores Arévalo, Mexico

Nominations for Warriors

Future Soldier. Jude Smith, Canada

Audeamus. David Munoz Velazquez, Francesc Camos Abril, Spain

Mcrn Officer. Zsolt Farkas, Hungary

Jim J Scope. Carlos Núñez De Castro Torres, Spain

The Way Of The Samurai. Tiago Da Silva, Portugal

Blind Guardian. Gustavo Groppo, Brazil

Fresh Water. Vinh Pham, Vietnam

Mecha Sandworm. Joseph Diaz, Spain

Jiang Shi. Hew Yin Teck, China

Arcadia. Pablo Fernandez Angulo, Spain

Battlefield. Gilberto "Soren" Zaragoza Vigil, Mexico

Berserker. Cristi Balanescu, Netherlands

Rifts Tomorrow Legion Players Guide. Aaron J. Riley, Usa

Forsaken Exchange . David Kim, Canada

Commandó. James N. Simmons, Usa

Kawal Pangkalawakan. James N. Simmons, Usa

Grumpy General. Paolo Puggioni, Uk

Cyber Girl V2. Sergio Melero Llamas, Spain

Nominations for Whimsical

Chilling Out. Alben Tan, Philippines

Once Upon A Pet. Y.Soner Yurtseven, Turkey

Hum...Think I Caught Something. Alvaro Felipe Cardozo Wilches , Colombia

Morning Watering. Nacho Yagüe, Canada

Taylor The Sailor Pinup Girl. Cristina Delara Stockler, Canada

Quest For Black Rose. Kamil Murzyn, Poland

Sexy Fluffy Pretty. Eldar Zakirov, Uzbekistan

Friends. Vadim Sverdlov, Israel

Fur. Benjamin Schulz, Germany

Hat Full Of Cats. Egle Zioma, Lithuania

Giraffe. Derrick Villalpando, Usa

Zarlog The Toad. Dustin Spence, Australia

Raison D'Être. Hao Xu, China

Mushrooms. Andrew Mcintosh, Australia

Bodhisattva Mizo. Christina Hess, Usa

Hardback Edition Cover

Limited Edition Cover

Nominated artists photos.

Congratulations to all the artists -- great pictures! :)

It's so cool to see everyone and where you come from

... and thanks so much for all your great feedback!

Mateusz Lenart, Poland

Aritra Dey, India

Denis Ulyanov, Russia

Bastien Grivet, France

Luciano Neves, Brazil

Luciano Neves, Brazil

Davide Weber, Italy

Joel Santana, Usa

Fenghe, China

Josh Guglielmo, Usa

Aaron J. Riley, Usa

Abeer Malik, India

Adam Potter, Australia

Adán Flores Arévalo, Mexico

Adán Flores Arévalo, Mexico

Adán Flores Arévalo, Mexico

Adrien Wira, France

Agata Czerw, Poland

Alben Tan, Philippines

Alcione Silva, Brazil

Alena Dzemichava, Belarus

Alexey Egorov, Russia

Alexey Kashpersky, Ukraine

Alexey Vasilyev, Canada

Ali Jalali, Iran

Ali Jalali, Iran

Alvaro Felipe Cardozo Wilches , Colombia

Andrei Pervukhin, Russia

Anne Terkelsen, Uk

Antonis Fylladitis, Greece

Apple Qingyang Zhang, Usa

Arthur Bozonnet, France

Arthur Carvalho Vieira, Brazil

Ashok Kumar Dass, India

Fournier Aurélien, France

Benjamin Davis, Usa

Bidda Camilla Solvang Poulsen, Denmark

Bogdan Maksimovic - Bo Mak, Serbia

Karoly Botond Harko, Spain

Bryan Sola, Philippines

Catherine Swenson, Australia

Catherine Swenson, Australia

Christian 'Tigaer' Hecker, Germany

Christian 'Tigaer' Hecker, Germany

Chuck Grieb, Usa

Claude Cachin, France

Claudius Dsouza, Singapore

Cynthia Decker, Usa

Cynthia Decker, Usa

Cédric Vermeirre, Belgium

Daniel Midholt, Sweden

Daniela Uhlig, Germany

Daniela Uhlig, Germany

Krasnoshchekova Darya, Belarus

Dave Tipper, New Zealand

Dave Tipper, New Zealand

David Benzal, Spain

David Domingo Jimenez, Spain

David Kim, Canada

David Kim, Canada

David Kim, Canada

David Munoz Velazquez, Francesc Camos Abril, Spain

Davide Tosello, Italy

Derrick Villalpando, Usa

Dmitriy Ten, Australia

Pham Duc Duy, Vietnam

Egle Zioma, Lithuania

Zsolt Farkas, Hungary

Zsolt Farkas, Hungary

Ldarro Eldar Zakirov, Uzbekistan

Emanuel Dume, Usa

Jean-Marc Emy, France

Eugene Cheong, China

Evan Michalski, Usa

Ferdinand D. Ladera, Philippines

Filipe Laurentino, Brazil

Filipe Laurentino, Brazil

Giorgio Baroni, Italy

Giorgio Baroni, Italy

Giorgio Baroni, Italy

Dmitriy Glazyrin, Australia

Guillem H. Pongiluppi, Spain

Gurmukh Bhasin, Usa

Gurmukh Bhasin, Usa

Hao Xu, China

Helio Laurentino Frazao, Portugal

Helio Laurentino Frazao, Portugal

Hew Yin Teck, China

Ian Spriggs, Canada

J. Otto Szatmari, Hungary

James N. Simmons, Usa

James N. Simmons, Usa

James N. Simmons, Usa

James Wolf Strehle, Usa

Jeen Lih Lun, Canada

Jenny Lim Hui Lin, Malaysia

Jerry Lofaro, Usa

Jerry Lofaro, Usa

Jin Hao Villa, Philippines

Jiri Adamec, Czech Republic

Jose Augusto Rodriguez Sepulveda, Spain

Joseph Diaz, Spain

Joseph Diaz, Spain

Joycelyn Ong Jia Yi , Singapore

Jason Knight, Usa

Juan Martin Miyagi, Argentina

Khasis Lieb, France

Khasis Lieb, France

Kamil Murzyn, Poland

Kazuhiko Nakamura, Japan

Kentaro Kanamoto, Usa

Kiri Østergaard Leonard, Usa

Kirsten Zirngibl, Usa

Kristina Gehrmann, Germany

Lamin Martin, Canada

Lee Davies, Null

Leonardo Peralta, Argentina

Linden Stirk, Usa

Luciano Neves, Brazil

Luciano Neves, Brazil

Lukas Sztukowski, Poland

Mahmoud Atashi Bonab, Iran

Marek Denko, Czech Republic

Marek Denko, Czech Republic

Marek Denko, Slovakia

Mariana Valente, Brazil

Marie Beschorner, Germany

Marie Beschorner, Germany

Michael Dashow, Usa

Michael Khoo Of Plus Architecture, Australia

Mina M, France

Sheh Ming-Yee, Taiwan

Sheh Ming Yee, Taiwan

Morgan Prost, France

Nagy Norbert, Romania

Nitin Khosa, Switzerland

Noely Ryan, Ireland

Olle Magnusson, Sweden

Olle Magnusson, Sweden

Ona Loots, South Africa

Pablo Palomeque, Argentina

Paolo Puggioni, Uk

Paul H. Paulino, Canada

Peter Ang, Australia

Peter Ang, Australia

Peter Ang, Australia

Peter Ang, Australia

Pontus Ullbors, Sweden

Prabath Wijayantha, Sri Lanka

Prabath Wijayantha, Sri Lanka

Pruch Sintunava, Thailand

Ramón Tuero, Switzerland

Ricean Vlad, Romania

Rico Cilliers, South Africa

Rohit Singh, India

Romain Lavoine, Canada

Ryan Etter, Usa

Sam King, South Africa

Santosh Suryawanshi, India

Scott Richard, Usa

Seokin Chung, Usa

Shermen Chu Seok Boon, Malaysia

Sergio Melero Llamas, Spain

Somnath Patra, India

Somnath Patra, India

Grigoryev Stanislav, Russia

Stefanie Odendahl, Germany

Stephanie Shimerdla, Usa

Taha Alkan, Usa

Tamas Medve, Norway

Ted Hammond, Canada

Tiago Da Silva, Portugal

Nguyễn Thành Vích, Vietnam

Victoria Passariello, Spain

Vincenzo Barkasy, Usa

Vincenzo Barkasy, Usa

Whiley Dunsmore, France

Williem Mcwhorter, Usa

Wing Wai Sze, Usa

Rogeat Yannick, France

Yigit Koroglu, Turkey

Hew Yin Teck, China

Hew Yin Teck, China

Yuriy Mazurkin, Germany

Ørjan Ruttenborg Svendsen, Norway

Ørjan Ruttenborg Svendsen, Norway

Diego Rodriguez, Mexico

Fabricio Moraes, Brazil

Fabricio Moraes, Brazil

Gustavo Groppo, Brazil

Architecture - Exterior category preview page layouts.

Monday 6th March 2017

Images, artists, country -- award:

Granito Villa, hollywood hills., Nguyễn Thành Vích, Vietnam -- Master

SciFi meets Earth, Michael Khoo of Plus Architecture, Australia -- Excellence

House O - Jun Igarashi Architects - Day, Marcin Jastrzebski, Poland

Darling Exchange, Daniel Flood & Mat Adams of FloodSlicer, Australia

Luxury Waterfront Home 04, Jacques Penna, USA

Brasil tower, Juan Altieri, Uruguay

Australian Life Birdseye, Ronny Mähl, Germany

Cover nominations.

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Reptile Queen, Alexey Kashpersky, Ukraine

Rebel, Alexey Vasilyev, Canada

Amazon, Pablo Fernandez Angulo, España

Tatical Hostage, Col Price, England

Action category preview page layouts.

Wednesday 23rd Febuary 2017

Images, artists, country -- award:

The Song, Vadim Gousmanov, Russia -- Master

DON KICHOT, Mateusz Lenart, Poland -- Excellence

Uncharted 3 tribute artwork, Cyril Terpent, France

Save Dan, Jude Smith, Canada

Industrial Racing, Jan van de Klooster, France

Flying High, Charlotte Hintzmann, Germany

  • Wesley Vriend - CA
    7 days ago
  • Peter Kellagher - GB
    9 days ago
  • paul hong - CA
    42 days ago
  • Geoffrey Morrison - US
    53 days ago
  • David Kim - CA
    56 days ago
  • Philip Homesley - US
    59 days ago
  • brian johnson - US
    65 days ago
  • Oliver Mohr - DE
    68 days ago
  • James Chalmers - AU
    73 days ago
  • Colin Swift - CA
    75 days ago
  • Chaz Sutherland - US
    82 days ago
  • Angel Bedolla - US
    88 days ago
  • Scott Richard - US
    89 days ago
  • Don Eagle - US
    90 days ago
  • Emanuele D'Arrigo - CH
    90 days ago
  • Abraham Feldick - US
    90 days ago
  • Hans van der Hoeven - NL
    91 days ago
  • Michael Docking - GB
    91 days ago
  • neilmani sharma - IN
    91 days ago
  • Alexandre Chavaillaz - CH
    91 days ago
  • Jarrard Lee - AU
    91 days ago
  • Louise Harvey - AU
    91 days ago
  • Tyler Hawes - US
    91 days ago
  • Doug King - US
    91 days ago
  • Ackeem Durrant - GB
    92 days ago
  • Michael Layton - US
    92 days ago
  • Olivier Lecarme - FR
    92 days ago
  • Emily Lockhart - US
    92 days ago
  • Kyle Booth - GB
    92 days ago
  • Ilona Mencner - DE
    92 days ago
  • Margie Metcalf - US
    103 days ago
  • Carré Production Moles Merlo - FR
    113 days ago
  • François Ilcinkas - FR
    113 days ago
  • Ronny Vaes - BE
    113 days ago
  • patrice peyregne - FR
    113 days ago
  • Benjamin Dry - AU
    114 days ago
  • Leo Hwang - HK
    114 days ago
  • Matteo Barbeni - IT
    114 days ago
  • Tim Bennett - AU
    114 days ago
  • Magne Ellen - NO
    114 days ago
  • Lisa Martin - GB
    114 days ago
  • Roger Alt - US
    114 days ago
  • Dexter Dagorne - CA
    114 days ago
  • Paul McInnes - AU
    114 days ago
  • Cliff Cramp - US
    114 days ago
  • James Leick - US
    114 days ago
  • veronica nagel - NZ
    114 days ago
  • Lonnie Johnson - US
    114 days ago
  • Benjamin Dry - AU
    114 days ago
  • Walter Bailey - US
    114 days ago
  • David Lovegren - US
    114 days ago
  • Shihar Lakmal Harishchandra Heenagama Wattegedara - DE
    114 days ago
  • Dustin Cryer - US
    114 days ago
    114 days ago
  • Frank Leimbek - US
    115 days ago
  • Clement Collins - GB
    115 days ago
  • Mario Georgiou - GB
    115 days ago
  • Andy Warner - GB
    115 days ago
  • Patrick Montenegro - US
    115 days ago
  • Graham Voss - CA
    115 days ago
  • Michael Mayberry - US
    115 days ago
  • Luke McCullough - AU
    115 days ago
  • Marcus Ranum - US
    115 days ago
  • Alex Lukantsov - US
    115 days ago
  • Chad Briggs - US
    115 days ago
  • Noelle Alana Intal - SG
    119 days ago
  • Bidda Poulsen - US
    123 days ago
  • Uli Heckmann - DE
    131 days ago
  • Carina Gregory - US
    133 days ago
  • Darien Liddell - NZ
    142 days ago
  • Scott Richard - US
    148 days ago
  • Vích Nguy?n Thành - VN
    155 days ago
  • Yulia Popova - AU
    161 days ago
  • Jonathan Navy - US
    168 days ago
  • saber jlassi - US
    171 days ago
  • Ivan Zorin - RU
    187 days ago
  • Rex Tam - HK
    199 days ago
  • Adam Michell - US
    207 days ago
  • roland peelen - NL
    208 days ago
  • Robert Macdonald - AU
    209 days ago
  • Rosanne Jenkin - AU
    215 days ago
  • Balázs Kerek - HU
    216 days ago
  • Marie Beddows - US
    217 days ago
  • Shihar Harishchandra - DE
    217 days ago
  • Frank Barkasay - US
    218 days ago
  • Krzysztof Go?y?ski - PL
    219 days ago
  • Jason Knight - US
    220 days ago
  • Kenneth Tate - US
    221 days ago
  • Steve Corbett - US
    222 days ago
  • Aliaksandr Kuchmel - BY
    222 days ago
  • Laurent Pierlot - US
    224 days ago
  • Cheryl Fulton - AU
    224 days ago
  • Andrea Baronchelli - GB
    226 days ago
    227 days ago
  • Joey Desrosiers - CA
    228 days ago
  • Arthur Bozonnet - FR
    228 days ago
  • Yin Teck Hew - MY
    229 days ago
  • Jeremy Moore - US
    229 days ago
  • Welbon Salaam - US
    230 days ago
  • Tom Krieger - DE
    230 days ago
  • Mathew Adams - AU
    230 days ago
  • DeWayne Copeland - US
    230 days ago
  • Yang Pulse - US
    230 days ago
  • Michi Doan - US
    230 days ago
  • Sook Yuan c - AU
    231 days ago
  • James Simmons - US
    233 days ago
  • Paulo Paulino - CA
    234 days ago
  • Balázs Kerek - HU
    234 days ago
  • Andrew Dunn - HK
    235 days ago
  • Manek D'Silva - IN
    236 days ago
  • Stephanie Shimerdla - US
    240 days ago
    242 days ago
  • Carlos Alberto Ortega Elizalde - MX
    244 days ago
  • Manuel Rearte - US
    245 days ago
  • Alina Ivanchenko - CA
    246 days ago
  • Tin Tran - VN
    246 days ago
  • Kristian Dimitrov - BG
    247 days ago
  • Robin Arnecke - DE
    247 days ago
  • Anthony Salvi - FR
    247 days ago
  • Jose Santos - DE
    250 days ago
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    250 days ago
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    252 days ago
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    252 days ago
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    252 days ago
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    252 days ago
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    253 days ago
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    275 days ago
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    352 days ago
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    360 days ago
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    360 days ago
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    384 days ago
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    386 days ago
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